Employer’s Checklist

What is the Employer’s Checklist?

Checking your company’s compliance against the Employer’s Checklist can help to highlight people problems in your business before they escalate.

Employment law is complex and coping on your own brings significant risk. The six following areas are considered to be high risk situations and need to follow official and compliant procedures.

Find out your score

Read through the Employer’s Checklist below to find out your score. Mark one for every yes and zero if you answer no or not sure.

  1. Have you given all of your employees a written statement of their terms and conditions of employment?
  2. Do you have a legally compliant disciplinary and grievance procedure?
  3. Do you deal with poor performers properly?
  4. Are you certain that all of your workers are legally entitled to work in the UK?
  5. Do you provide induction training?
  6. Are you up to date with the latest ‘family friendly’ employment law changes?

If your score was anything less than 6 out of 6, you could be at significant risk.

What are the risks of a low score?

The 2019/2020 report on employment tribunals gives a clear indication of what can happen if HR processes are not implemented and followed. The below statistics show how claims can skyrocket.

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How can I score 6 out of 6

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Preventing People Problems

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