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Blog: Health & Safety

Is managing employee stress a health and safety issue?

Absolutely yes! There is a legal duty for you to protect your staff from stress in the workplace. The basic way to do this is by undertaking a stress risk assessment and putting control measures in place. Each year for nearly 30 years, April has b...


Controlling occupational ill health risks

Come March each year the good people of the UK will have had their fair share of bugs and colds, while the unlucky ones will have been struck down with proper flu. Many businesses choose to provide annual flu injections to lower the risk of an out...


Managing the risk of Christmas decorations in the workplace

Christmas is a time for cheer, eating too many minced pies and showing people how much you appreciate them. And this is no different in the workplace. Many businesses will get in the Christmas spirit by organising a Christmas meal or drinks, and p...


The latest HSE health and safety statistics: 2017/18

Health and safety at work, wherever that may be and whatever it involves, is crucial for every business to get right. The consequences of not doing so may be injury, illness and, in rare cases, death. Every year the Health & Safety Executive p...

Health and Safety

Recent health & safety prosecutions – What can we learn?

Every month the Health and Safety Executive publishes dozens of press releases. They describe prosecutions that they have concluded against firms which have experienced serious health and safety breaches. These are examples of what happens when yo...