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Blog: Health & Safety

Managing the risk of Christmas decorations in the workplace

Christmas is a time for cheer, eating too many minced pies and showing people how much you appreciate them. And this is no different in the workplace. Many businesses will get in the Christmas spirit by organising a Christmas meal or drinks, and p...


The latest HSE health and safety statistics: 2017/18

Health and safety at work, wherever that may be and whatever it involves, is crucial for every business to get right. The consequences of not doing so may be injury, illness and, in rare cases, death. Every year the Health & Safety Executive p...

Health and Safety

Recent health & safety prosecutions – What can we learn?

Every month the Health and Safety Executive publishes dozens of press releases. They describe prosecutions that they have concluded against firms which have experienced serious health and safety breaches. These are examples of what happens when yo...


Five health & safety tips for sending your team overseas

All eyes are on Russia as the countdown to the football world cup reaches its finale. England manager Gareth Southgate has picked his team to take overseas. Detailed preparations will have gone on behind the scenes to ensure their comfort and safety....


How important is protective clothing at work?

In some sectors, personal protective equipment (PPE), which includes protective clothing, is essential. But it’s also important for employers to understand that PPE should be considered as the last line of defence for your staff. In other words you...