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Dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s

Without doubt simple formalities and keeping an eye on that grammar can go a surprisingly long way, if you need to re-enforce the ground rules get in touch. The laws of grammar are all too easily brushed aside in this modern age of shorthand text and...


Love is in the air (at work…)

Whilst many are thinking of roses, chocolates and romantic candlelit meals as we approach Valentine’s Day, some companies are thinking quite the opposite. Fashion giant American Apparel have recently outlawed workplace romances, seemingly in res...


Howzat age discrimination working out for you?

Old fashioned stereotypical ideas unfortunately prevail in the England and Wales Cricket Board and they are in trouble. Not for the quality of the players or the match results but for the compulsory retirement at 65 of two of their very experienced u...


The Benefits of Employee Benefits

Achieving staff satisfaction and loyalty is not just about salary (although it helps!), it’s about the whole package and the culture that you as an employer provide. A pertinent illustration of this are the results of a recent survey showing that ...