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Is this meeting necessary?

Have you ever stopped to ask, “Why are we having this meeting?”. If the only answer presented to you is “We always meet at this time every week.”, it’s time to put meetings under the microscope. If you’re looking at ways to improve pro...


Could you be paying the price for incorrect payroll?

A reminder for payroll cut-off pops up in your calendar. How does it make you feel? If you have someone in place to manage PAYE for your business, you might dismiss it without a second thought. But, if you are managing payroll yourself, it could be a...


Lessons from recent health and safety prosecutions

Every day the Health and Safety Executive brings new prosecution cases for serious breaches of safety in the workplace. They often end in successful convictions. We’ve selected three recent prosecutions to show you what can happen when health an...


Should you be paying your interns?

Summer’s here, and along with the sunshine will come summer interns for many businesses around the UK. But how should you pay them? Do you need to pay them at all? In order to know whether you need to be paying interns, you first need to establi...


Are your managers aware of high-risk HR situations?

For a busy business owner, experienced senior staff can be a great source of support. With good managers in place you can find peace of mind knowing that your business will continue to operate as normal if you are otherwise engaged. You’ve no do...


Does your employee contract template do the job?

Written contracts for employees may seem like burdensome paperwork. Yet another admin step prolonging your recruitment process. That is, until the full extent of their importance becomes clear to you when something goes wrong later on. You may fee...