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Completing a leavers checklist when a member of staff exits your business is a great way to ensure that all the relevant processes and important handovers are carried out correctly.

Having loose ends, for example not completing payroll correctly or forgetting to change important passwords, can leave your business exposed to risk.

A comprehensive leavers checklist will give you the peace of mind that the correct procedures are being followed every time.


What should be included in a leaver’s checklist?

Some of this will depend on your business. We can help you to establish the most relevant leaver’s checklist for your company. Typically, you will want to address points such as ending payroll and pension contributions, notice periods and garden leave, handovers, leaver forms and an exit interview.


Exit interviews – learning from leavers

Losing good people can set your business back. Understanding why employees choose to leave your business is important, particularly if you have had rapid turnover of staff.

Constant recruitment is exhausting and expensive. By holding an exit interview, you will have the opportunity to make changes that could save you time, effort and money in the future.

An impartial third party can help you get honest answers. We can write the questions, conduct the interviews by telephone or face-to-face, and make recommendations for practical actions to take as a result.


Providing references – passing on information about previous employees

When employees move on from your business, it is common practice for them to ask you for a reference for their new employer. Depending on your experiences with the employee you may be wondering what you should or should not include in a reference.

Or if you need to provide one at all. With GDPR it is important to handle references correctly. We’ll run through the process with you and explain your options.


Restrictive covenant insurance – Protecting your interests

You’ve built a successful business, but the competition is never far behind. You probably have a contract clause in place to prevent employees leaving and taking all your data to a competitor. Unfortunately, some will still breach this. So, our insurance allows you to take full legal action to protect your business interests.

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