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Dismissing Employees: A Masterclass for Employers

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September 26, 2017
9:00 am
The Quadrus Centre
Woodstock Way
NE35 9PF
United Kingdom

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As an employer, at some point you will more than likely be faced with the tricky situation of having to terminate an employee’s contract for a variety of reasons. It’s never pleasant but it is the reality of having employees.

This masterclass is targeted at small business owners, managers or HR Advisors who want to understand more about the different situations where dismissal is an option or indeed necessary and to understand the risks.

At The HR Dept Newcastle we frequently get asked:

  • My employee has done something I think is gross misconduct, what do I do?
  • How can I get rid of someone who I simply cannot work with any longer? Our relationship is beyond repair.
  • My key client refuses to have Fred on site but I have no other work for him, what can I do?
  • Bill has been off sick for 2 years with no sign of a return, what are my options?
  • Julie’s performance is not up to scratch and it’s costing me money, what can I do?
  • We need to lose staff, how do I do it?

If this sounds familiar then this masterclass delivered by Jayne Hart, Director of The HR Dept Newcastle will leave you feeling more informed about risks and able to approach situations with confidence.

The maximum award for an unfair dismissal in 2016 was £470, 865 with the average award being £13, 851 (plus legal costs), getting it wrong can be expensive. It can also be emotional, stressful and time consuming for those involved, so having a bit of knowledge and confidence behind you when approaching the situation can only help.

This short master class will cover:

  • Complying with employment legislation
  • Conduct, Performance and Capability dismissals
  • Redundancies
  • Other reasons for dismissal
  • Settlement Agreements
  • Case Studies

HR Dept Newcastle offers a flexible and affordable outsourced HR and employment law solution that covers your business against financial losses and people issues by providing personal, pragmatic and local HR support.

We intentionally keep our groups small to enable time for discussion and questions, therefore early booking is essential.

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