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There is often a tendency for business owners to consider HR as just another cost that should be minimised or even avoided if at all possible. The enlightened however know that HR goes way beyond the quick fix of creating an employee manual and ensuring that compliance with legislation is taking place. Professional HR advice and support should enable you to create measurable and meaningful ROI in the long term. Just like any other form of investment in fact. The clients I work with expect a ROI, therefore I accept the role of HR ‘investment manager’ when I work with them, ensuring that every penny invested in my services goes towards helping the organisation achieve its wider business goals and ambitions.

With The HR Dept onboard you can cross ‘worrying about the people stuff’ off your list of things that can keep you awake at night. Over the years there are not many things I have not seen and dealt with. I’ll take care of the people stuff for you so that there is no need for sleepless nights. But if one does come along … it’ll be me that does the tossing and turning. And just to ensure that you sleep soundly if you follow the advice I give and things did go wrong you are insured if a tribunal finds against you.

Decision making in business can be difficult. Particularly when you are the one where ‘the buck stops’. Sometimes in HR the decisions you make can affect the people who you most often rely on for helping you make decisions. That’s when you want someone without an agenda who can be completely objective. Someone who, when needed, would even tell the emperor he has no clothes. In private, of course.

Yes, it’s true. I’ve come from the corporate world. But don’t worry. I’m pragmatic and get what you are trying to do with (and without) the resources that you have to make it happen. I can help you see the way forward by looking backwards in a way that very few HR practitioners can.

Glasgow has tremendous talent. Agreed? But, that talent is so often lost as people migrate to other countries looking for employment opportunities where they feel that they can realise their potential. Personally, I am passionate about improving the quality of people management practices and creating workplaces where that talent can flourish. Do you share my passion? If you do, then perhaps we can work together to not only create a great workplace but to also inspire others about what’s possible.