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Simon Morgan

Simon Morgan

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Case studies

Case study 1: Disciplinary action

The company suspected theft by one of its employees. Acting on Simon’s advice, the employee was suspended. Relevant evidence was gathered and sent to him along with an invitation to attend a disciplinary hearing. Simon drafted the letters for the company. Faced with the evidence before him, the employee resigned before the hearing, which was an acceptable outcome to the company. Simon helped to ensure that a fair and reasonable process was followed, in line with the ACAS Code of Practice.

Case study 2: Redundancy

The company had to make substantial savings to stay afloat. The only viable option was to make several staff redundant. Simon advised on the correct way to proceed and was also directly involved in redundancy consultation meetings with the staff, ensuring a fair selection process was followed and support provided to employees to find alternative work. The outcome was that the company achieved the necessary cost savings and a potentially difficult process was handled both smoothly and quickly.

Case study 3: Long term sickness absence

The long term absence of one of its employees was having a devastating impact on a small company. Because the absence could have been related to a disability, Simon advised on the application of the Equality Act and arranged for an occupational health assessment to be carried out. Based on this, the employee was invited to a meeting to discuss the medical prognosis and the disruption to the company caused by the absence. Simon assisted the Director to explore the individual’s circumstances sensitively and after due consultation decided that it would be fair and reasonable to dismiss the employee on grounds of capability because the employee could not return to work in the foreseeable future. A satisfactory outcome was reached in a difficult situation and there was no comeback from the employee.

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