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Deborah Witcomb

Deborah Witcomb

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I just wanted to let you know that with your continued support & knowledge amongst your team it has helped us develop our business with relative easy & security. Your attention to detail & professional advice at all times provides me with the peace of mind & allows me to concentrate on other areas of my day to day running of our business.

I would highly recommend you & your team to all friends & colleagues.
Lee Epps, Managing Director, Ice Cleaning Services
Thank you very much for the support you have provided since taking over the management of our HR requirements. It's a relief to know that our Employee Contracts and Handbooks have all been reviewed and updated, and will be kept up to date in line with any further regulatory changes.

Your assistance and advice was invaluable, knowing exactly which steps we had to complete in which order gave me huge confidence.

The solution you designed and communication you demonstrated with our employees proved to be effective and was dealt with in a fair manner to all parties involved.

I would strongly recommend any small business owner considering using your HR Advice Line + Service so they can refer any HR issues to your team of experts rather than trying to muddle through on their own, and avoid the stress and admin involved with HR Documents + following procedures.
Steve Cole, Managing Director, Net Primates
Having known Debs since February 2017, and having regularly met up with her since then, I’ve been able to witness the growth of her business over the last 18 months. Not only has she grown a virtually cold territory for the HR Department, she then took on another cold territory before employing someone to help her grow the business, and I’ve just heard that she is looking to take on a third territory in Portsmouth!

Debs is clearly a very accomplished HR Expert, and has helped a number of my clients with their employment issues. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to my own contacts to help with any HR issues that they have.
Roger Lamb, Action Coach
For a recruiter it sounds alien to use a service such as HR Dept but Debs gives me valuable support, up to date legislation & documentation.

I feel much more confident entering 2018 with big recruitment plans that with Debs advice & guidance we’ll change the way we recruit internally & build an ‘A’ team.

5 Star!
Tim Bond-Gonzalez, Managing Director , Upfront & Personnel
Deborah worked with my team and I to deliver an engaging, thought provoking workshop on Engagement for Success. Deborah provided a copy of the workshop to me in advance which enabled me to review and discuss the detail with her. Her presentation in the workshop was inspirational to the team and provoked lots of engagement from everyone.

Deborah’s ‘thought-leadership’ approach to HR and training is why I now consider HR Dept as an integral part of my company and I refer to Deborah as ‘Debs in HR’ as do all my team.
Tim Bond-Gonzalez, Managing Director , Upfront & Personnel
Deborah has been a great support from the start, guiding us through all the HR challenges that a small expanding business faces within the care sector.
With the assurance that help and sound advice is just a phone call away, the HR department has developed into an essential part of our management team.
With the HR department, we have continuity, and as a result, they have got to know our business quickly and have provided a personalised service to our specific requirements.
Mr M Cowling, Willow Tree & Kiln Lodge Care Homes
I just wanted to express my thanks for your support on our business courses – your input is incredibly valuable and we really appreciate the time you gave to us including allowing Alisha the opportunity for some work shadowing. The feedback we got from the students was very positive and it really does give them great insight into the business/HR world.
Claire Hughes, Course Leader, Southampton Solent University
We appointed Deborah to Chair a Grievance Appeal hearing which required to be heard by someone completely impartial . We felt it was handled highly professionally and with respect for both parties involved.
Mrs S Arnott, Willow House Residential Care Home
Using the services of Deborah Whitcomb from the HR Dept has proven to be one of the best things we could have done as a small business.From initial contact to helping us find the right staff to drive our business forward has been nothing short of amazing & 100% professional.We now operate with total confidence ensuring all our staff & clients best interests are fully looked after.I can't recommended this service highly enough.I look forward to working with Debs more in the future.
Lee Epps, Ice Cleaning Services
Outsourcing our HR Dept seemed like it was going to be complicated and expensive, especially as we are such a small business. It surprisingly wasn't!

From the outset it was all laid out for me to tailor it to our business. Everything from initial set up, design, implementation & delivery. Including all of the Information, Advice & Guidance to go with each piece of the jigsaw. And most importantly, not only are we legally compliant, we will also be updated along the way as legislation changes, meaning we will remain compliant!!

By no means are we finished, however, we are now well on our way to being the professional business we wanted to be, and aiming to be the hospitality employer of choice! Thanks again to Debs at the HR Dept, looking forward to developing the business even further, together!
Rocky Moore, Quay Fifteen Restaurant
I would firstly like to thank and recommend you for completing a thorough GDPR audit on my business prior to the laws coming into place, I am small business and was conscious of not being caught out by assuming that I would not be affected. In fact, there were several things that didn’t even cross my mind that needed rectifying. Since you have completed this I am now compliant and able to understand and deal with GDPR data requests in the correct timeframe. I have all the correct documentation and privacy policies that were needed. The price was incredibly reasonable for the time that you put into it and for a small business this is a really important factor. On top of this though is the service, the process didn’t feel overwhelming and being compliant gives great piece of mind and is money well spent. I am happy to recommend this service and all your other services to any of my customer/colleagues with confidence that my reputation is safe in your practices. The HR Department Solent deal with a host of things for my business. They are always prompt, professional and honest!
Conor Greenwood, Director, Lockfast Locksmiths Southampton and Fareham
I would like to thank you for resolving a major issue I was having with a key member of staff. This was a situation that I had been trying to solve for best part of three years.

Having explained the various issues you very quickly cut to the core of the problem through a series of meetings not only with the particular staff member but with other members of the team who were being affected.

A course of action was agreed with all involved which they had to sign up to which followed by further meetings to ensure that they were in fact meeting the objectives they had to agree to.

I have to say that you not only dealt with the functional parts of the issue but also the emotional problems that arose as well, including my distress with the overall situation.

I am pleased to say that thanks to you we are moving ahead with our expansion plans with the whole team on board and ready to grow with the business. I have also been able to recruit another member of staff who will be starting in January 2019. If it had not been for you the expansion would not have happened until the earliest Q3 2019.
David Stewart, Straight Talk