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Tuesday February 7, 2017

HR Tech has moved on, and thankfully so!
HR Tech

Because back in the day, the simplest of tasks could’ve taken you forever. And the risk of human error in day-to-day admin was always a concern. The phrase “it was simpler back then” certainly doesn’t apply to HR. Especially considering all the handy HR tech we’ve got to hand these days.

You may only appreciate it the next time you have a power cut, but smaller businesses rely a whole lot more on simple HR software to make their lives easier; the benefits no longer belong exclusively to the Blue-Chips!

In fact, everything to do with employees was a bit long-winded. Recruitment was via print or word-of-mouth, training took place in classrooms – not over the web. And there was paper… lots of paper!

In the digital age, even micro-businesses can benefit from the best HR tech on offer, tailored to their business needs and small enough to fit into a front pocket. But have all SMEs jumped on the bandwagon just yet? No…

… Some still manage holidays manually, pay their staff without payroll software, and store all HR records physically… with paper. These are the businesses that could benefit most from HR tech, designed to make managers’ lives easier, and their documentation safer.

Not quite in the digital age yet yourself? Here are some ways you can get there, making your HR admin a whole lot easier in the process.

Up in the clouds

This is step one for any business going digital. Transferring your HR files such as contracts and handbooks into a secure cloud. It allows you and your staff to access them anywhere, at any time, with any device that has an internet connection.

Our HR Dept Toolkit technology allows firms to do just this, as well as streamlining absence management, managing holiday bookings and keeping all of your HR documentation safe and secure in one place.

Fancy a free virtual tour to have a go yourself? Book onto a free demo here.

Tailored rewards

Rewards used to apply to staff across the board, regardless of their different needs and desires. Designed with small businesses in mind, our HR Dept Flexible Benefits technology prevents you from wasting your money on benefits that fail to motivate your team.

Through the system, staff can instead choose what they want, whether it’s childcare vouchers for parents, shopping discounts for bargain hunters or extra holiday for sun seekers. Take a free trial and see if your business could benefit from reviving its benefits offering!

From analogue to digital

Ancient clocking-in systems create lots of paper and are prone to manipulation, making it difficult for business to spot attendance issue and make the right decisions from the data. To give SMEs the best solution, we’ve partnered with an industry expert to give SMEs access to flexible systems more in tune with the 21st century. With them staff can clock in using a variety of methods from smartphone and text messages, to fingerprint scanning.

Again, no more paper! It’s all in the cloud. Online demos are available.

Hopefully this week we’ve given you an insight into some of the tech you could use to revolutionise the way you manage your HR. It’s all designed to make your lives easier, so get in touch. 

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