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Sandhya Iyer

Sandhya Iyer

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I met Sandhya in a coworking space in Sevenoaks, where she was giving a presentation. I signed up for the HR Dept advice line service, after some thought, which suits my business needs most ideally and affordably. I was initially unsure about a 12 month contract commitment but things have worked out very well so far.

Sandhya has been very easy and pleasant to work with and while I may not always like it, her advice is always spot on and keeps me on the right path. I find Sandhya produces answers and solutions very promptly, I am never left waiting for very long before she replies or contacts me. The level of personalised support is very good. The only way things could be better would be if I personally had more time to give HR related matters. So Sandhya makes things as easy as she can for me. I do feel that she is very approachable and I can trust her with delicate situations and difficult personalities within my business.

Signing up for the Advice Line for me is an additional cost as I was not doing much in the way of HR properly and this was having a negative effect on my business. Having contracts issued properly and a clear recruitment process in place have been a big difference to my business. I know I'm doing everything correctly and have peace of mind along the happier staff.

I would definitely recommend Sandhya and the HR dept to any SME looking for support and time savings, it's been a good thing for my company.
Tom Hudson, Director, Hudson Flooring
My first experience of seeing Sandhya from the HR Dept in action was at a workshop 6 months ago. Everything in the workshop was relevant to me and my current situation managing a workforce of up to 10 people. As an SME, we don’t have our own internal HR Department, so as you can imagine, I walked out of the workshop with a lot more questions than I went in with, and just had to find out more!

Initially I was cautious signing up and handing over the responsibility for my businesses HR, however after a 1-2-1 with Sandhya I could see the benefit of signing up to the HR Dept Advice Line. I must admit it's very comforting knowing that the correct advice is just a phone call away.

So far, the HR Dept has given us a complete Human Resources makeover. All our contracts have been amended to make sure we are up to date with current employment law and Sandhya has created a Harris Gardens personalised Handbook for all members of staff. She has also helped us with two employee situations, both of which have been resolved with the best possible outcome. This is something I don’t think we would have accomplished if I did not have the support of the HR Dept.

I would definitely recommend the HR Dept to anyone who works within an SME and needs someone on the end of the phone to support them in HR matters. The personalised yet professional service provided is worth every penny!
Director, Harris Gardens
I felt it was important to put pen to paper and thank you for the support you have given Chosen with Care the preceding few weeks and months.

We began working with Sandhya having met her at BNI and initially thought that the size of our company didn’t warrant the cost involved. How wrong could we be! The HR Dept has not only saved us money but has also saved us an extraordinary amount of time dealing with complex situations with our workforce.

We have a saying in our office regarding anything to do with HR – it needs to be Sandhya’d!

We can’t thank you enough for your professionalism, attention to detail and patience in explaining to us why we need to do something. Without exception you have been correct in your judgement and advice.

I highly recommend the HR Dept and Sandhya in particular to anybody employing staff. She is worth her weight in gold.
Debbie Harris, MD, Chosen with Care