Who we work with

The HR Dept London City and Central works with a wide range of businesses including:

  • Investment companies
  • FCA regulated businesses
  • TV and film production companies
  • Accountants
  • Nightclubs, Bars and restaurants
  • PR and media businesses
  • Event management companies
  • Solicitors
  • Retailers
  • Engineers, construction companies and architects
  • Property and estate agents
  • High tech, web and IT companies

Most HR Dept clients subscribe to one of our retained HR support packages (Flying Start, HR Advice Line, HR Advice line + or HR Enhance). The type of package required by clients is largely determined by the number of staff each client employs.

  • For clients with less than 5 staff, the HR Dept service mainly focuses on documentation and compliance. We ensure the business is well protected through its employment contracts and compliant with employment legislation. Of course, additional consultancy is available for smaller clients if required.
  • Ongoing HR advice and employment tribunal insurance become more important for clients with 5 or more employees. The HR Advice Line and HR Advice Line + packages are perfect for clients of this size.
  • Once clients grow to 20 or more employees, staff management systems such as appraisals, staff surveys, induction design and management and basic management training are desirable. We combine our HR Advice Line / HR Advice Line + packages with flexible consultancy and project work to support clients.
  • Larger clients with 50 or more staff are more likely to have a management structure in place and therefore a consistent approach is required in various HR activities. Clients of this size often require pay benchmarking, cultural values and behaviours and more in-depth management training. The HR service is underpinned by the HR Advice Line / HR Advice Line + packages. In addition, larger clients often use the HR Dept for regular onsite consultancy or project support.

Clients with 100 or more staff may be able to hire a HR resource in-house. However, they often require strategic HR support and assistance with sensitive processes such as the annual compensation review. Larger clients also seek leadership development and coaching in their HR support package.

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