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​Professional management training programmes for today’s managers

The HR Dept Clapham offers a comprehensive and unique Management Training Programme aimed at future-proofing businesses by equipping their managers with essential people management skills. In today’s fast-paced and competitive environment, having effective management skills is crucial, but many new and experienced managers lack the necessary expertise, leading to costly problems like increased employment tribunal claims and higher attrition rates. Investing in training is proven to be an effective retention tool for high calibre managers.

We run both online and face to face courses with personally tailored facilitation. The online courses are designed to be as fun, challenging, engaging and interactive as our face-to-face courses, using break out rooms, visuals and more. Our courses are fully interactive and underpinned by comprehensive learner notes, module workbook and on-line platform.

Key features of our management training programme include:

Interactive, Practical and Fun: The workshops are fully interactive, using real-life case studies to demonstrate how people management processes work in practice. Trainers with extensive HR and leadership experience deliver the modules, making the learning experience insightful and applicable to real-world scenarios but delivered in a way that learners can enjoy and connect with.

Comprehensive Modules: The programme comprises of six modules covering essential management skills needed in today’s workplace, such as understanding oneself as a manager and leader, employment law, recruiting for success, driving performance, handling disciplinary and grievance issues, and managing conflict.

Online and Face-to-Face Options: The programme offers both online and in-person training options to accommodate the needs of the busy manager and your business. The online courses are designed to be engaging and interactive, mirroring the impact of face-to-face sessions.

In-house training: Often our clients want management training tailored to their particular needs. We offer a customised MDP which is best if:

  • You have 6 + employees you would like to train as it might be more cost effective
  • You would like the course to be tailored and customised for your business needs
  • The course forms part of your broader HR & training strategy

Why choose our management training programmes

David is a qualified leadership coach, has an MA in Personnel and Development and is a DISC practitioner. David is passionate about developing managers and future talent and uses his experience to make his training sessions interactive, interesting and filled with experience-based guidance. The HR Dept Clapham’s Management Training Programme is an excellent choice for businesses seeking to equip their managers with the essential skills to navigate the complexities of people management in today’s competitive business landscape.


I have been a manager for a few years now, and I still learned a lot from this management development training. David was knowledgeable and engaging, and the exercises were fun and made me think! David gave a lot of relevant examples which I felt I could apply to my day-to-day work. I feel more confident in my knowledge and abilities now. Highly recommend!

As an HR executive I found the management development course to be really informative and useful. One aspect of the course that really seemed to help the team was the session on employment law. David, our trainer, did a fantastic job of breaking down legalities so they were easy to understand and apply.


Understanding our management training modules

Module 1: Understanding yourself as a manager and leader
Your people are your biggest assets, and by far your biggest investment. So how can you ensure you motivate, inspire and lead your team successfully to achieve their goals on a daily basis? This session will explore management and leadership skills to lead your team to a higher performance.
Module 2: A practical guide to employment law
In this comprehensive course, managers will gain a fundamental understanding of the key employment laws that govern the workplace. You will master the essentials of anti-discrimination law, wage and hour laws, and safety regulations, as well as learn how to assess legal risks and manage legal issues effectively. Whether you’re new to managing employees or need to brush up on your legal know-how, this course is essential for any manager looking to operate within the bounds of the law.
Module 3: Recruiting for success
Would you like to attract the best talent in the market? Are you looking to reduce the new hire mistakes that are often and easily made? How do you know you’ve hired the “right” one? In this up to date and engaging workshop, we will look at the tools we have available for recruiting staff, including evaluation of your vacancy, methods of recruitment, interview techniques, making the offer and onboarding
Module 4: Driving performance to achieve results
Would you like to manage the performance of your employees more proactively? Do you know how to stretch a good performer or recognise and deal with a poor one? This workshop will give you practical tips and actions that you can put into practice in the workplace.
Module 5: Handling disciplinaries and grievances
Handling disciplinary and grievance issues can be costly and time consuming. With consequences both financially and in terms of your reputation, it is imperative that you follow a timely, fair and legal process. Knowing the steps to achieve this is key to minimising risk. This workshop will take you through the disciplinary process to ensure you are taking the right steps.
Module 6: Managing conflict
None of us like to admit there are simmering’s of conflict where we work, but at some point, if we haven’t already, we will all be faced with a conflict situation. Knowing how to deal with a situation quickly and effectively is key to ensuring it doesn’t escalate. This workshop will help you to deal with those difficult situations and give you insight into the role of mediation.
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