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Absence & Performance Management

Employ people?

Then you’ll understand how important is it to have them in work, and working hard. A business is the sum of it’s people, to be successful you’ll need to make sure all in your employment are adding value to your organisation. Our sickness absence and performance management services there to help you do just that.

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Performance Management

Every employer aspires to have a workforce that performs well, turns up to work on time and puts in effort to go the extra mile and by managing an employee’s performance there is no reason this cannot be achieved. However if you’re busy growing your business then outsourcing performance management to the HR Dept’s specialists can ensure staff appraisals and reviews are carried out regularly (and to the highest standards) for you to ensure continued business success.

Probationary Periods for New Employees

Always give new recruits to your business a thorough induction so they start off as you mean them to go on and to make sure you meet all your legal employer obligations. This ensures that the new employee is given the best chance possible to succeed and the company maximises the investment it has made during the recruitment process. Probationary Periods should be detailed in your contracts of employment. The length of the employee’s Probationary Period will be dependent on the job and role in terms of the complexity and the position.

The HR Dept can help you design the induction training and provide appropriate probationary review forms.

Staff Appraisals & Training Programmes for Managers

Employee appraisals are the major tool that companies use to identify individual’s performance. This is a two way process that formally records an employee’s performance over a set period, usually 6 months or a year. This is an ideal time to look at development needs and future potential as well as current strengths and allowable weaknesses.

As well as creating tailor made procedures for your company, The HR Dept can run training programmes for managers and staff to ensure both parties get the maximum benefit from the appraisal system.

The HR Dept can also provide 360 degree staff appraisals for companies that want a more in-depth approach.

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Absence Management

A major concern for all employers is how to handle long and short term absence. Short term absence (sick leave), particularly increased absence on a Monday and a Friday is extremely disruptive for the business and unfair on the other staff that have to pick up the extra workload. By introducing return to work sickness interviews and measuring tools, as well as training managers on how to use them, a significant improvement can be made.

Long term employee absence may well be caused by an underlying issue caused by a disability and therefore the individual is protected from any discrimination in the workplace. Working with occupational health professionals, we can find reasonable adjustment for the workplace, plan phased returns to work or if this is not possible within a reasonable timeframe, terminate the employment allowing the business to recruit again.

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Occupational Health

Good health is good for business. Research from the CIPD suggests that on average sickness absence costs employers £692 per employee every year, with 7.4 working day lost per employee. This represents 3.3% of all working time.

Alongside the financial cost of sickness absence, employee health matters can be sensitive and difficult to manage. An independent assessment from a specialist Occupation Health Physician or Nurse can provide invaluable advice and guidance for managing sickness absence appropriately.

The HR Dept can take this all off your hands. Managers of smaller businesses don’t have time to undertake this themselves, sound familiar? Get in touch with The HR Dept to remove this from your to-do list with the peace of mind that it’s being managed professionally by the experts.