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Even the best employees need to be continuously developing skills so that they can meet the needs of your business as it evolves. Investing in training is one of the biggest motivational factors for employees

Continuous learning is a key ingredient for success and a way to future-proof your company. A team that engages in lifelong learning will not only remain competent but can also aspire to be one step ahead of the competition.

Implementing skill-based learning and development strategy can ensure that continuous learning and training become core values of your business.

Through this technique, you can level up and empower your current employees, whilst boosting your recruitment process and attracting recruits with a keen willingness to learn.

We can help you establish a skills audit for your company and a training programme that meets your needs

Our training courses include (but are not limited to):

We offer a whole host of training programmes, covering everything from management and team leader training to personal development and supervisory skills. All our courses are available both in-person and online — you can pick whichever approach best suits your business. Here are our most popular training courses:

● Management and HR
● Interviewing and Recruitment
● Discipline and Grievance Procedure
● Appraisal Training
● Management Change
● Team Leader Training
● Supervisory Skills
● Leadership and People Management
● Time Management
● Personal Development
● Conflict Management
● Managing Absence
● Coaching and Mentoring

We also provide industry-specific online skill-based learning and training courses, for example, Communication in Care, Consumer Rights for Retailers, and Safer Recruitment in Education. Please contact us if you have any training requirements and we will be happy to advise.

What is staff training and development?

Staff training and staff development are broad terms that cover several types of employee learning.

If we’re talking about employee training, this will generally refer to a training programme that provides employees with new skills and knowledge to improve their performance in their current role. It focuses on the now. Employee development, on the other hand, focuses on employee growth and performance long-term. It focuses on the future rather than an immediate job role.

Both are equally as important. Investing time and money into training and development will benefit your business in the short, medium and long term.

Why training and development is important for your business

In terms of long-lasting performance and results, training and development allow your workplace to thrive. And if there’s one thing we know about a thriving workplace, it’s that they’re often successful.

Because changes are constantly being made to the way we do things, staff training and development is also important to a company’s organisational culture. Something that works today might be outdated tomorrow. Continuous training and development help staff stay up to speed and adapt quickly if changes happen.

Employee training helps with motivation, too. If an employee learns a new skill and receives praise from their employer, they’ll most likely carry this motivation into their job role, which will improve performance.

It can also influence positive employee retention. By providing employees with career growth opportunities, you’re more likely to keep hold of employees, which means less time and money spent hiring. A company that invests in its people will not only pick up praise from its employees, but from others outside of an organisation, too. This is great for a business’s reputation, and for attracting top talent.

Our approach to training and development

Our selection of training courses can help you develop members of your teams and meet legal requirements tied to your industry.

By getting to know you and your company, we’ll provide a unique service that’s tailored specifically to your business. From appraisal training and supervisory skills to interviewing and recruitment and management and HR, our training programmes are designed to improve employee performance and positively impact workplace cultures. Whether it’s in-person or web-based eLearning sessions, all our training programs speak directly to your company culture, values, needs and challenges — helping you overcome struggles and generate solutions together.

Your business will benefit from our expert advice and decades of experience in engaging audiences and educating teams. To see how we can positively impact your teams, give us a call or send us an email today.

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Training and Development FAQ

What does staff training do?

There are lots of benefits to staff training and development, all of which help to create a thriving workplace. It can help boost employee motivation, too. This alone can improve performance and in turn, make employees happier in their roles.

Positive employee retention is another thing that is influenced by staff training and development. Continuous training is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to give employees new knowledge and skills that they can use at work. What’s more, management courses are the perfect way to move current employees into managerial roles — without needing to hire.

Why is staff training and development important?

Staff training and development is essential for every business that wants to grow and succeed. The way things are done in a workplace can change daily, and so keeping your employees up to date and making sure they’re ready to adapt is seriously important.

What’s more, it allows you to find and deal with any weaknesses in your business and helps your employees to be more all-rounded and better skilled at their job. Continuous training and development can also do wonders for employee confidence, improving motivation and therefore, performance.

How does training and development improve employee motivation?

Training helps employees understand how their work fits in with their company’s goals, mission and structure. Because they understand how their work matters, they can feel more motivated. What’s more, training to improve specific departments and teams can improve the quality of work and the results. As a result, employees feel happier, become more excited about the thought of success and develop higher self-worth.

What is HR's role in training and development?

HR has quite a big role to play in training and development. As well as providing orientation and evaluating performance, they should assign appropriate training, handle succession planning and improve organisational processes.

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