Croydon Welcomes Local Food Delivery Service Aiming To Take On Deliveroo

Thursday April 1, 2021

Two entrepreneurs, Andy Szebeni and Paul Sweeney, have joined forces to create Croydon Eats, a start-up that has some seriously big industry-disrupting goals.

The idea was born during the first Coronavirus lockdown as the popularity of food delivery services like Deliveroo and Just Eat started to skyrocket. Szebeni and Sweeny were in regular contact with restaurants in the local area who were starting to really struggle, and it was then that they realised just how much the likes of Deliveroo and Uber Eats charge businesses to use their platforms.

Partnering with Businesses in Croydon

Croydon Eats will partner with tens of businesses in the Croydon area to deliver delicious food to local communities at a more competitive price than that offered by the food delivery giants operating right now. As Szebeni and Sweeney live in Croydon themselves, they understand the nuances of the market and will be on-hand to help businesses with their marketing strategies.

A wide range of Croydon-based food businesses have already signed up to the app, including restaurants and takeaways specialising in Middle Eastern, Mexican, and Italian cuisine. Croydon locals will also find plenty of street food and vegetarian options alongside classic fish and chips, pizza, pasta and shakes.

What Makes Croydon Eats Different?

In addition to working closely with local businesses, its Croydon-centric approach sets Croydon Eats apart from its competitors. Users of the app will only be charged a 50p fee, which is a small fraction of the fees charged by the major food delivery brands. It will also be charging outlets a markedly reduced fee, which will allow takeaways and restaurants to create their own discounts and offers that they simply couldn’t afford to promote on other food delivery apps.

Plus, this exciting industry disruptor also wants to ensure that its drivers have more financial security than drivers for the other big food delivery businesses. For Croydon Eats, this means ditching ‘zero hours’ contracts in favour of employing its own drivers and offering them sick pay and paid holiday.

As a local business, Croydon Eats is determined to give back to its community, starting by putting 50% of its profits into marketing locally, employing local people, and supporting local charities.

Is Croydon Eats a Viable Service?

Szebeni and Sweeny say they can undercut their competitors by having lower fixed costs, running their business in a cost-effective way, and being less greedy. Szebeni also noted that as Croydon Eats doesn’t have to satisfy shareholders or funnel funds into expensive national advertising campaigns, it can focus on what it does best: meeting the needs of the Croydon community.

Interestingly, Croydon Eats could be at the forefront of one of the next big trends, as a former Deliveroo driver based in Bristol has also recently launched his own local delivery app. Delivery Lads now has several hundred clients and 40 drivers who can collect and deliver everything from food to electronics and pharmacy prescriptions.

As more food delivery industry disruptors emerge onto the scene, it is likely that increasing numbers of services will focus on delivering a localised experience that better meets the needs of local communities. So, watch this space because exciting things might be coming.

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