Managing mental health in your business

According to mental health charity MIND one in three of the UK workforce has been formally diagnosed with a mental health condition at some point in their lifetime.

Relationship breakdowns, financial worries, grief, and many other issues can be the trigger.

Poor mental health is not always obvious. Although conversations around mental health are now becoming more commonplace in society, a stigma remains leaving some people opting to suffer in silence.

Ongoing issues left unsupported can result in increased absences from work, leading to financial losses for a business and extra strain placed on those covering for absent colleagues.

Your legal obligation

Employers have a legal obligation to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of their staff. Failing to adequately address mental ill-health in your business can lead to a disability discrimination claim, which can result in a damaging employment tribunal.

But even more important than this is the fact that happy and healthy staff are more productive.

A mentally healthy workplace

Company culture can impact workplace well-being.

Leading by example and fostering a mentally healthy workplace, which leaves no room for stigma or discrimination, lets employees know that they are respected and working in a safe space.

Without being intrusive or presumptuous, employers need to address and tackle mental health matters in their workplace. Don’t worry, there is support available to help with this.

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