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Disciplinary and Grievance

Handling staff disciplinary and grievance issues is never pleasant, but with The HR Dept’s advice you can be reassured that you will comply with the required legal process and we can also attend on site to make the whole experience as painless as possible.

Disciplinary issues fall into two main categories: misconduct for minor infringements or gross misconduct which can result in summary dismissal of the employee. We can provide you with a disciplinary and grievance policy that meets your business needs.

Of course our HR Advice Line service provides the ultimate peace of mind by providing tribunal insurance protection but we are more than happy to help on a case by case basis.

Investigations into Staff Misconduct

A thorough investigation into any employee misconduct or a grievance allegation must be undertaken, apart from where the situation is obvious. The investigating officer cannot be involved with any subsequent hearing and this is where using The HR Dept provides impartiality and solves the problem for smaller UK firms who do not have this resource in-house.

Capability Policies and Guidance

There are some employees who underperform because they do not have the necessary skills to do their job, or others who have had so much time off sick that an unfair burden is placed on the rest of the team. To handle these situations an employer needs a capability policy and guidance on how to manage an employee back to full performance or, if necessary, out of their business.

Particular care is needed in handling ill health dismissals to ensure you will not be faced with a disability discrimination claim from any previous employee. Call us for help with staff disciplinary’s and grievances on 0345 208 1120.