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Senior support for an in-house HR team

About our Client

Clare is the Vice President of People & Culture at Innovyze, a specialist Software company based in Newbury. They employ over 100 people in the UK and operate in seven locations globally.

We caught up with Clare about her experience using The HR Dept and how our local expert Katie Aldridge was able to support her business with a senior level HR project.

Getting in Touch

Clare was responsible for overseeing a large business merger project and needed additional support from an experienced HR professional. Although the company already had a small in-house HR team, a number of the HR staff were part of the TUPE transfer process during the merger, it was therefore important to Clare that this part of the project would be dealt with by an impartial third party. After coming across her local HR Dept in Newbury, Clare immediately got in touch with Director Katie Aldridge to discuss her requirements.

Our Solution

Clare and Katie met to discuss the project and within a few days Katie began working with the business. Katie’s approach was to understand both the existing business and the company they were merging with.

In particular the different cultures and values and how they would align. Katie’s first steps were to ensure that all the due diligence and analysis had been carried out and that all legal obligations of the company were considered during the TUPE transfer.

Prior to running her own HR Dept business, Katie worked as a senior HR professional in a career spanning over 20 years. Her background means that there are not many employment situations that she hasn’t encountered and that she was well placed to hit the ground running with this project.

“Katie is a calming influence and was able to build trust with our employees very early on during the consultation process. She has a real skill in being able to explain complex issues in a way that non HR professionals understand.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Katie to another business who is looking for senior level HR support”

Clare Bull

Vice President of People & Culture, Innovyze

The Outcome

The merger and transition for the staff was successful and all staff who were part of the process were consulted, with any concerns addressed.

Now two years on Katie continues to work closely with Innovyze team. She has delivered tailored management training and coaching programs to staff. In addition, Katie and Clare have also continued to work together on specialist recruitment projects.

As Katie now has an in-depth understanding of the business, she is able to provide Clare with some very strong candidates to help them further grow the business.

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