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Don’t get caught out by common minimum wage pitfalls

Over 200 businesses have been named-and-shamed by the government for not paying the national minimum wage, with retail, hairdressing and hospitality the worst offenders. While there are a few companies who are outrageously and purposefully try...


Five tips to help keep your best staff

It’s been another turbulent few weeks for the White House staff. The latest communications director lasted merely ten days, Trump's chief of staff 189 days, his press secretary 182 days, and his national security adviser only 24 days. Staff turn...


Working overtime will build up holiday pay

The latest in a series of rulings has now been announced. The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has confirmed that voluntary overtime is the same as other paid overtime and must be taken into account for holiday pay. The case was brought against D...


Staying busy during the summer slowdown – HR housekeeping for SMEs

Written by Simon Morgan, South East London and North Kent Many businesses experience a slowdown during the summer, with staff, suppliers and clients away on holiday. But rather than sit bored at your desk wishing away the hours, make the most of t...

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How returnships can benefit your business

A new word has arrived in the world of HR - ‘returnships’. Although in truth, the idea was first launched in 2008 by the food company Sara Lee. Internships vs returnships – What’s the difference? Internships are students or graduates taking...


Working longer can benefit your health

New research suggests people may benefit from working past retirement, especially office workers, teachers or skilled workers. With the government recently saying the state pension age will now rise to 68 between 2037 and 2039, it’s becoming inc...