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bullying in the workplace

How to spot and stop workplace bullying

It is sad but true that bullying is still a significant issue in many organisations. The TUC reported in 2015 that nearly one third of people are bullied at work, with women being more at risk than men. If left unaddressed, workplace bullying can man...


Top tips for recruiting seasonal temps

As the merry folk in your workplace get caught up in the Christmas countdown and ask all sorts of burning questions such as “When are the decorations going up?”, you are quite possibly focused on another countdown. It could be counting down to...


What you need to know about Display Screen Equipment (DSE) safety

The nature of modern work means that most of us spend much of our time on a computer, sitting behind a desk. While this isn’t as dangerous as going down mines or into shipyards, it still comes with a number of health risks that as an employer, you ...


Ghost Candidates

Have you experienced difficulties recruiting for a role this year? Have you been "ghosted" by candidates that are super eager at interview then fail to turn up on day one? The unemployment rate is at an 18-year low and you've been on the receiv...


Is your office dressing up for Halloween?

From ghouls and ghosts to long-legged beasts and things that go bump in the night, is your office dressing up for Halloween? It’s that time of year! A huge stack of pumpkins has appeared in your local supermarket. A pumpkin-spiced latte seems li...


Uber’s appeal regarding drivers’ rights

The long running case of two self-employed drivers challenging Uber on their employment status moves to the Court of Appeal this week and has the hallmarks of a ‘David and Goliath’ case. However, the outcome of this case has far wider implication...