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Reducing bullying in British businesses

Workplace bullying can have a devastating effect on individuals and an equally horrible and pervasive impact on the culture, happiness and wellbeing of the wider workplace. It has no place in our businesses and business owners must work hard to e...


Top tips for managing discipline and grievances effectively

Written by Simon Morgan, South East London and North Kent No matter the size of your business, or however informal the culture, it’s essential that you have effective disciplinary and grievance procedures in place. What are the benefits o...


How to handle diabetes in the workplace (after security guard wins tribunal)

With 3.8 million people now diagnosed with diabetes in the UK, businesses are increasingly likely to have to face the challenge of managing employees with the condition. As well as wanting to help and support all employees it is wise to be aware t...


Avoiding the fireworks: Workplace mediation

With Bonfire Night approaching, it’s a timely reminder that there’s rarely a shortage of fireworks in the workplace. It’s thought that over two hours a week are wasted by conflict at work, costing the economy millions in lost productivit...


Halloween HR horror stories

It’s creeping ever closer to Halloween and you don’t always need pumpkins and ghouls to have a horror show. We’ve gathered some HR nightmares from across The HR Dept to give you a scare: A nightmare from payroll After a new payroll system was...


Managing conflict in the workplace: 5 top tips for handling difficult conversations

Written by Simon Morgan, South East London and North Kent Almost everybody will, from time to time, find themselves in a conflict situation in the work place. While few people relish getting involved, unresolved conflicts rarely go away by themsel...