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distracted employee

Your team’s attention span is decreasing! Or is it?

Ever heard the phrase “Humans have a shorter attention span than a goldfish”? Perhaps you have quoted it yourself. This attention-grabbing headline has spread like wildfire in recent years as many have nodded, shrugged and added “Well of cou...


What employers need to know about enforcing a dress code at work

Written by Simon Morgan, HR Dept South East London and North Kent. Recent high profile legal cases about dress codes at work have left some employers unsure about what they can and can’t ask their employees to wear in the workplace. In this ...

need help with employee retainment

All my employees are leaving! How to spot it and stop it

It starts with one, then two, three, maybe even four or more. Your employees are jumping ship and you’re questioning everything from pay brackets to office décor. Was it something you said? Although a wave of leavers can be a common occurrence,...


Avoid discrimination with better communication

Starbucks coffee is known and sold worldwide. And whether you love or hate it, it’s so prolific that the wordless logo is easily recognisable without the brand name. Along with Starbucks’ commitment to providing the highest quality coffee in t...


Home Office reveals BREXIT toolkit for employers

The Home Office has launched a content toolkit to help employers communicate important BREXIT processes to their EU national employees living in the UK. The toolkit was constructed with employers. It provides useful information in the form of post...


Six steps to preparing for an intern

If you’ve never had an intern before, you could be forgiven for thinking you hire one to pass on your wealth of business knowledge, so your legacy lives on after you retire. That, and to have some extra hands on deck to order your lunch when the go...