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Cultivating an inclusive workplace for your LGBTQ employees

June sees month-long pride celebrations taking place worldwide, with rainbow flags flying high and community parades drumming to the beat of solidarity. The colourful and vibrant festivities throughout pride month are led by LGBTQ communities. The...

Health and Safety

Recent health & safety prosecutions – What can we learn?

Every month the Health and Safety Executive publishes dozens of press releases. They describe prosecutions that they have concluded against firms which have experienced serious health and safety breaches. These are examples of what happens when yo...


Supreme Court rules in favour of workers’ rights in Pimlico Plumbers case

In a unanimous decision by the Supreme Court today, a heating engineer won his claim against Pimlico Plumbers which established that he was a ‘worker’ and not self-employed. The employment protection rights for workers differ to those of full-...

football sport

How to handle World Cup distractions in your workforce

Major sporting events such as the World Cup are internationally trending topics. So it’s quite possible that world cup conversation could trickle down into your workplace and grab the attention of your employees. With sports socials sweeping the...


Dyslexia in the workplace

With dyslexia affecting around 10% of the population, it’s very likely that at some point you’ll encounter it within your workforce. But while most people have heard of dyslexia, if it doesn’t affect you or someone you know, you may not underst...


Are your millennial employees in it for the long haul?

Millennials have voiced their disappointment in today’s world leaders. They are looking to their employers for reassurance and stability. When quizzed in the 2018 Deloitte Millennial Survey on the positive vs negative impact made on themselves and ...