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Staying alive… But at what cost?

‘Don’t worry, at least you’ve got your health’, say the optimists. And thanks to the brilliant work of the NHS, they are more often than not absolutely right. Your health is your first priority, whether it be mental or physical, it always...


The gig economy – how to make it work for your workers as well as for your company

Written by Simon Morgan- South East London and North Kent The so-called ‘gig economy’ has received some bad press of late. High profile media coverage of cases like the recent Uber tribunal (which found that Uber drivers were not independent c...


Should we have an extra bank holiday?

As we head towards the Easter weekend, most of us will be really looking forward to the bank holiday bonanza and surfeit of chocolate, Easter biscuits and hot cross buns that goes with it. For those still plugging away at work it means a quicker...


Are employees entitled to sick pay for elective and cosmetic surgery?

First of all, before we start, it would be useful to define what elective and cosmetic surgery actually are.  The two are often confused. Cosmetic surgery (commonly known as "boob" jobs, nose jobs, Botox etc.) is intended to improve a ...


The cost of employing people hits new high!

If you didn’t already catch it in our People Matter newsletter, or on the radio, or the television, or anywhere else for that matter, from April 1st the Statutory Minimum and National Living Wage rates for employing people are going to increase. ...


Autism in work

Clever employers are always on the lookout for the next top talent that’ll help push their business to the next level. Incredible people with incredible minds have revolutionised the way we use computers, changed the world of art, and developed the...