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Autism in work

Clever employers are always on the lookout for the next top talent that’ll help push their business to the next level. Incredible people with incredible minds have revolutionised the way we use computers, changed the world of art, and developed the...


New ECJ ruling

The European Court of Justice ruled yesterday that workplace bans on the wearing of "any political, philosophical or religious sign" need not constitute direct discrimination. At this time of heightened religious awareness it is important that...


Whatsapp mishap!

Defamation, bullying, and offensive language designed to discredit an organisation and its people... It’s all happening on the internet. Social media tribunal cases are ten a penny. Time and time again, employees fail to foresee the consequen...


HR essentials for SMEs

Written by Simon Morgan, HR Dept South East London and North Kent  Taking on staff for the first time is a huge step for many SMEs – you may be an expert in your product or service offering but have only limited knowledge of HR (Human Resources...


What progress have we seen since the last International Women’s Day?

Every time we celebrate International Women’s Day, we get a chance to reflect on a year of progress and change for women around the world. At home and abroad, women are taking steps that realign cultural norms and smash gender boundaries. Th...


40% of firms know nothing about the Apprenticeship Levy!

That statistic is according to a recent Telegraph survey. Before we explain, let’s answer your first question… Will it affect me? Well, there’s an easy way to work that out. If your annual wage bill is below £3 million, this isn’t ...