Top tips to motivate employees

Wednesday September 6, 2017

The success or failure of a business depends on the people it hires. And whilst employees are the biggest asset, they are often the biggest expenditure.

Making sure staff are happy and engaged can often be a challenge.

Therefore, we’ve compiled some top tips to help you keep your staff motivated and energised:

1. Ensure staff take regular breaks

In today’s busy world, it can be difficult to get a moment to sit down and relax.

Some people feel like they have to constantly work – or have so much work that they can’t take a break. But studies show that short, regular breaks keep people performing at a consistent level.

Working all day without breaks, or while ill, can be a symptom of presenteeism. This can be detrimental to team morale and employee engagement in the longer-term.

2. Take a mental break too

Free apps such as Headspace are ideal for when staff are taking ten minutes to rest and recharge. They are perfect for short, scheduled breaks, and let them return to work ready to face the challenges of the day.

Mental relaxation and rest periods are just as important as physical breaks, especially in office and white-collar environments.

3. Organise a lunchtime workout

Everyone can do with a little more exercise, and research has suggested that even a moderate amount of cardio activity can boost staff productivity for up to two hours afterwards.

Fitbit fitness trackers encourage users to take 250 steps an hour, as leading a sedentary lifestyle puts staff at much greater risk of a stroke or heart attack.

A recent news story claimed almost half of adults fail to manage even one brisk 10-minute walk a month!

Private medical insurance companies are also offering discounts on premiums to employees who track their fitness levels, thereby rewarding those who do more exercise.

4. Employee rewards and perks

Rewarding your employees can take many forms, including:

  • A peer recognition scheme.
  • An annual awards show with quirky categories.
  • A box of chocolates as a small token of your appreciation.

Employee perks can also go a long way. For example, Perkbox offers benefits like free mobile phone insurance, a coffee every month, a Tastecard (which gives people a two-for-one deal in restaurants), and discounted cinema tickets. They also have seasonal freebies like Thorntons chocolate and discounts at most high street brands.

Your local HR Dept adviser will be able to give you advice on the best way to implement and administer a benefits package that’s suitable for your business and budget.

5. Team socials

Social time and rewards from the organisation are an important part of building a motivated team that want to support each other – as well as the goals of the business.

But make sure everyone can participate! Traditional ‘drinks after work’ can exclude those with childcare responsibilities or those that can’t drink for religious reasons.

So, mix up your activities to suit all staff, days and times. Give your employees plenty of notice, so they can attend and make childcare arrangements ahead of time.

How we can help

Your local HR Dept can advise you on how to get the most out of your staff, alongside making sure they’re healthy and happy. After all, they are the key to driving your business forward.

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