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Accident Reporting and Investigation Services

Let us help you establish the cause of any accident at work (& prevent it from happening again).

During the crisis of an accident, the last thing on your mind will be paperwork. Administering first aid, clearing up the mess, checking everyone is ok, are rightly much more urgent. But, nevertheless, the paperwork is important and must be completed properly to comply with the law, establish and record what went wrong and prevent a repeat occurrence.

If you want peace of mind that your accident reporting and investigation obligations are handled properly then speak to us. We can advise and assist you in all matters arising from an accident at work, from the small things like telling you when and where to place yellow ‘wet floor’ signs, to the big projects like implementing remedial changes following an injury.

Contact us on 0345 208 1120 or to find out more from our team of experienced accident reporting and investigation specialists.