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HR & Tribunal Insurance

Our Advice Line packages are backed by market leading employment tribunal insurance and ensure that you have access to the HR support and employment law advice that you need.

Employees no longer have to pay a fee to bring a tribunal claim against their employers. Quite expectantly we have seen a rise in claims since this was implemented in 2017.

How can we help?

Choose the right solution for your business, from our affordable Advice Line or Advice Line + packages.

Advice Line

As an Advice Line customer you will benefit from unlimited locally provided HR and employment law support via phone and email. Whether you have a small HR team and need additional support, or have no dedicated HR function, our service can provide you with the reassurance and advice you need, with the comfort that we are never far away should you require us to support you face to face.

SMEs can rarely justify the cost of a full time in-house HR presence, making outsourcing the most viable solution.

We provide a local and personal service and believe that to be able to deliver the most effective HR advice to your business, it is important to get to know your team and the HR issues you face.

With ever changing employment legislation it can be a confusing position to be in as a business owner. Crucially, our Advice Line package includes tribunal indemnity insurance, that is backed with commercially driven HR and employment law advice – we tell you what you can do rather than can’t. So as long as you’ve followed our advice from the outset, our insurance should cover the costs from the ACAS conciliation, as well as related tribunal legal fees and settlement awards.

What’s included?

  • Complete peace of mind that you are employing people well and compliantly and whenever you need advice you will get it quickly
  • Unlimited advice and support by telephone and email on all HR/management situations and issues
  • Your own designated HR expert who will get to know you and your team
  • Face to face review meetings
  • Tribunal indemnity insurance
  • Crisis Communication (PR) Insurance to help protect your brand and reputation
  • Continual automatic update of contracts and policies once updated or written by us as required by organisation changes and changes in legislation to ensure they remain current and legal (extra charge for initial drafting will apply or included in Advice Line + below)
  • Updates to employment legislative changes monthly by newsletter

Advice Line +

Our Advice Line Plus service includes all the Advice Line benefits but with the addition of essential HR documentation to suit your business needs. This really makes the Advice Line Plus the full package for a business looking to outsource their HR.

Also included in Advice Line +

  • Drafting and updating of employment contracts
  • Drafting and updating of policies/an employee handbook
  • Drafting of settlement agreements
  • Drafting of bespoke appraisal and 121 documents
  • Personalised documentation and letters, to comply with all HR scenarios and processes

Why is HR documentation so important?

When you first take on an employee you’re legally required to provide them with an employment contract within 8 weeks. More importantly, by setting out clearly rights and responsibilities, you have an opportunity to protect your business against future eventualities. Handbooks too are essential when taking on staff. They set out clearly “how things are done” where you work, and what’s expected of your employees. These will be kept up-to-date by your dedicated HR expert to reflect any changes in HR and employment legislation.

If you are thinking of becoming an Advice Line or Advice Line + customer contact us today.