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Payroll outsourcing

Owning a business and employing a workforce requires a sound understanding of your legal obligations and the best way to implement these for your business and your employees. One of these legal obligations is to register with HMRC as an employer and operate a PAYE scheme on behalf of your employees.

Why outsource?

While it may seem that managing your own payroll is the most time-effective, cost-effective and convenient choice for your business, this isn’t necessarily true. Managing payroll requires up-to-date knowledge of the taxation system and a sound legal understanding of employee benefits and leave. Due to new changes such as Automatic Enrolment which requires companies to enrol eligible employees into a workplace pension scheme has made managing your own payroll more complicated and time-consuming.

Because your time can better be spent managing and developing your business, we offer human resources and payroll outsourcing that allows our knowledgeable professionals to organise and manage your payroll either part-time or full-time based on your business requirements and the size of your workforce.

Why choose HR Dept Payroll

Our payroll services encompass every aspect of the process, from setting up a new employee, calculating maternity or paternity pay, processing change of tax codes, pension payment or providing an itemised payslip for each employee every pay day. The reason that it is crucial for a professional to manage the payroll aspect of any business is due to the legal and financial repercussions that may arise from mishandled payrolls. It may seem like an issue that would happen only rarely, to careless business owners, however, incorrectly deducting tax or incorrectly processing sick leave occur rarely, even if they are mistakes due to lack of knowledge or understanding.

We partner with Qtac Solutions Ltd, which is a specialist payroll service that provides premium customer service to guarantee that your payroll and business is correctly managed.

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