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Next live webinar: Mental health and returning to work

The next live webinar will be taking place on Friday 29th May at 1pm. For more information and to register click here.

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Friday 15 May 2020

Developing your team for a return to work

Training is not only permitted during furlough but it is actively encouraged. There are some rules of course, which we can explain. But providing training to employees on furlough leave is a great way to keep them engaged, motivated and optimistic. It can also help with their return to work when the time is right.

Of course, training is not limited to employees on furlough, and employers may find that they need to upskill those working from home, managers and so on. This recorded webinar will:

  • Help employers identify new skills or development needs if roles need to be adapted during lockdown.
  • Identify if staff need to upskill personal skills and behaviours to ensure they are still able to carry out their day to day tasks when returning to work.
  • Help assess if managers need new skills to embrace change and adapt management styles going forward, and what longer term implications this may have.

To help keep your furloughed employees engaged and part of the team, download our free resource My Furlough Development Portfolio to help provide structure to their training and support them with their professional development.

(Please note: some information may be England specific)


Friday 1 May 2020

Bouncing back: Post lockdown plan

Many businesses are starting to look at how they will survive during lockdown and look after the coronavirus pandemic.

We are joined by ActionCOACH who will help us guide you through the various stages you as a business owner will go through during lockdown, how changing your mindset can help you identify new opportunities to thrive and develop your team and business through the effects of coronavirus, so that you are ready for the new ‘normal’.


Friday 24 April 2020

Remote working and mental wellbeing for your staff during lockdown

The extension of lockdown has caused more anxiety and worry for many of us. In particular employees who are; working from home with increasing stresses from their families, being isolated from their loved ones or employees placed on furlough and are uncertain about the future.

Coronavirus has had many effects on your workforce. To help with this issue the HR Dept and Health & Safety Dept partnered with Headstrong Training to provide you with a webinar to discuss:

  • How to manage your team remotely
  • Legal implications of home working and an employer’s responsibilities to mental wellbeing
  • Physical wellbeing
  • Mental and emotional wellbeing


Friday 17 April 2020

Preparing your business to survive the COVID-19 crisis

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted UK SME businesses immensely over the last month. Forcing business owners to face new challenges they may have never thought they would face.

The HR Dept and Risk Evolves will be hosting a free webinar to help prepare SME business owners to survive this and other crisis.

This webinar aims to:

  • Advice on how to manage the potential unfortunate outcomes of coronavirus on your staff and yourself.
  • Provide a framework to help you survive in a crisis
  • Provide some ideas on how to revive as the crisis passes
  • Prepare your business if you should become unable to work


    Tuesday 31st March 2020

    The Job Retention Scheme

    The Government had released more information about the Job Retention Scheme, and to ensure the information is understandable and applicable to your circumstances the HR Dept hosted a webinar covering the following topics:

    • Eligibility of the Job Retention Scheme
    • How businesses will be reimbursed
    • What is reimbursed
    • How this scheme is applied to variable pay
    • Furlough
    • Sickness and annual leave


    Friday 20th March 2020

    Lay-offs and short-time working

    The introduction of COVID-19 has resulted in a large amount of worry and strain for SME business owners within the UK. The HR Dept hosted a live webinar to give advice to employers who were considering lay-offs within their business as a result of coronavirus. This webinar discussed:

    • What you need to pay
    • The process for laying-off staff
    • What you have to tell your staff
    • Lots of ‘what if’ questions to cover different scenarios


    Friday 13th March 2020

    Coronavirus advice for employers

    The introduction of coronavirus in the UK has created a rapidly changing terrain of obligations for employers which can be confusing. The HR Dept aim to provide clarity for SME owners by answering the commonly asked questions around how to deal with employees during the coronavirus crisis. This webinar covered the following topics:

    • Statutory sick pay queries – what are your obligations?
    • What to do if you can’t sustain your business financially, because of a downturn (temporarily and/or permanently)
    • How do you deal with employees who might be taking advantage?
    • What are your obligations when allowing staff to work remotely?
    • How should you deal with worriers in your business?

    We were also be joined by the Health & Safety Dept offering their top tips on your responsibilities from a health and safety perspective.

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