Hung Parliament. How will this affect your business?

Friday June 9, 2017

  • No overall majority
  • Potential coalition Government
  • Another General Election is a possibility

A hung parliament is where no party can command a working majority in the House of Commons. A “working majority” means having more seats than the other parties added together, plus one.

Parties will now be negotiating with each other to try to form a working majority or a minority government – like what happened in 2010 when we ended up with a Conservative led coalition with the Liberal Democrats.

So, everyone is unsure what changes we may be faced with now or what the result will mean for the approach to Brexit. But rest assured we will be following this result closely and will provide you with any updates as and when we are aware!

The effect this could have on your business

The likely outcome for employment law and workplace rights will be an amalgamation of the pledges of whichever parties form a coalition. There are also whisperings of another election. We won’t know much for a while.

The HR Dept is here to help you and your business through any resulting changes that will impact on your business. Promises will need to turn into legislation, so no sudden implementations will be sprung on you!

Make sure you keep yourself in the loop by staying signed up to our monthly newsletter (you can sign up below) and by keeping an eye on our weekly blogs. The HR Dept wants the government of any colour to make things easier for SMEs, not harder.

Where necessary, we will make the SME voice heard when it comes to proposed workplace changes. So do get in touch with your views!

Preventing People Problems

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