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Healthy and happy

Ninety-three percent of employers believe that there is a direct link to the health of their employees and the quality of work that is produced, a recent study by Jelf Employee Benefits reveals. It is believed that workers who are happy and healthy perform at a higher level than those suffering from poor health and low morale.

So what can business owners do to ensure their employees are healthy, happy and productive?

You can’t force people to exercise or to change their lifestyles. However, as a business owner you can provide a low cost health benefit to help with medical issues that doesn’t cost the earth.

The HR Dept says: “Health benefits are a great way for business owners to reward their employees without breaking the bank. Putting a small amount in each month – this could be as little as £10 – can be hugely advantageous to you as an employer, and to your members of staff.

“Of course this is a great way to reduce absenteeism, but there are many other advantages. Health benefits are a great way of recruiting, retaining and rewarding talented employees. It can really help with stress too, which we find is a great hindrance to SMEs. As well as all this, it gives the employee a sense of appreciation, which then has a knock-on effect with productivity. Everyone’s a winner, really!”

You may think that this is a luxury you can’t afford, but with The HR Dept plans start at as little as £10 per month.

For more information contact The HR Dept and they will be happy to help.

Monday, February 24, 2014