Recruitment has been a rollercoaster in recent years, but how do you ensure you attract

and onboard great talent?

The last three years have been a rollercoaster for employees and employers alike. With the pandemic affecting every single person and business, we’ve seen furloughs, redundancies, long-term sick leaves, and drastic shifts in working practices, with many companies coming to grips with remote working as the new way of life.

But where do you stand now when it comes to recruiting great talent?

With vacancies to fill and many job seekers optimistic about a career change, it could be the year that recruitment gets a revamp.

Recruit, don’t replace

An opportunity for positive change can come off the back of an employee leaving and can give you a chance to review your plans for the role. It’s not just about finding a replacement. Just as employees do, roles evolve too. When someone leaves, take a moment to figure out what your business needs now.

Recruitment done well can provide a pathway to effecting positive change in your business, such as improving equality and diversity.


of employers say they have updated their recruitment strategies to build a more diverse workforce

The importance of recruitment

Every employer wants to hire the right candidates for their company, but this requires a high level of recruitment efforts.

Developing an effective recruitment strategy is key to avoiding unfilled jobs, loss of revenue or high staff turnover.

Thorough job analysis to determine the role responsibilities, creating a detailed job description, educating every person involved in the hiring process, screening candidates, and preparing for a successful interview are just some fundamentals of recruitment that require attention to ensure you attract and onboard great talent.

Preparation is key

Use the job description and the interview as a chance to sell the job. What makes your company a great place to work? What sets you apart from your competitors? Highlight your values and unique selling points. It’s not just the interviewee who needs to make a good impression, so must the interviewer.


    of applicants say they would only apply to a company that has similar values to them

    The right and wrong interview questions

    The interview is an employer’s chance to get to know a person and establish if they have the necessary skills, knowledge and attitude for the job. The questions you ask should be open-ended and allow them to demonstrate their experience.

    But, ensure you avoid getting too personal. Questions about age, marital status, family and origin should most definitely be avoided. These types of questions leave you vulnerable to a discrimination claim.

    How can The HR Dept help?

    At The HR Dept, we understand that every client is unique, which is why we offer a tailored recruitment service to suit every client. We don’t do a DIY, copy and paste template like some.

    We really get to know you and your business. This allows us to build long-term relationships with our clients based on trust, helping them achieve their recruitment plans short, medium and long-term.

    We will work with you throughout the recruitment process, assessing the attitude, skills and knowledge of candidates to make sure that you find the right person for the role.

    Recruitment FAQs

    How do I attract quality employees?

    If you want to attract the best employees, make sure your reputation serves you in a positive way. This includes everything from a well-written job advert to a professional recruitment process.

    The first impression of the company is hugely important, as is the culture. As well as competitive and fair pay, having additional options such as hybrid working, flexible working, and social events can make a difference.

    Highlight the opportunities for career progression and development. Let potential employees know that you see a future with their role and can offer them the resources to develop their skillset.

    Should I conduct interviews virtually?

    Working remotely isn’t the only thing we’ve learned to live with since the pandemic. Many interviews were also conducted remotely.

    We need to remember that the interview is a two-way process. Can you really showcase your company and the benefits of working for you during a Zoom or Teams call?

    With onsite meetings, the candidate will meet other members of your team and you will see how they interact as the ability to fit within the team is important.

    During the interview, you can read their body language far more easily and they are likely to be more expansive than in front of a screen. 

    Virtual interviews do have several benefits including the fact that they can be done from almost anywhere and they can be quicker as there is no travel involved.  So, for first interview screening, they can be helpful.

    When going through the recruitment process, make sure to weigh up the pros and cons of virtual interviewing for your business and make your decision accordingly.

    Need help with recruitment in your business?

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