Why appraisals are crucial for your business growth

Human resource advisors The HR Dept are warning employers not to dismiss the benefits of holding appraisals with staff.

The HR Dept has seen more employers wanting to hold appraisals with their staff, but are coming up against the barriers that appraisals are seen as a ‘box-ticking’ exercise. Management consultancy Hay Group found half of public sector workers and one-third of business leaders described appraisals as a ‘box-ticking’ exercise.

However managers who do not hold meetings with employees even on a yearly basis could be holding themselves back from driving their businesses forward.

Here are The HR Dept’s top tips for employers when holding appraisals:

• Use an online system to prompt you and the employee to complete the task if you claim you ‘don’t have enough time’.

You always have time to improve business performance.

• Use it as an opportunity to discuss the employee’s role, achievements, future goals and the business objectives.

• Listen to your employees as this is their career and it will make them more motivated.

• At the end of each meeting, come out of it with three top actions that need to be completed in order to base an employee’s performance on those things.

The HR Dept comments: “Many employers cannot see the benefits of holding regular appraisals with staff and thus, employees dread the ‘going through the motions’ approach to them. Modern appraisals should be a great opportunity for both employer and employee to get together and discuss the company’s goals and objectives as well as the employee’s performance to date. Putting together a development plan to support them in succeeding in the set objectives will in turn build a robust team to become the company’s best asset.”

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

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