Drip drip drop, little HR shower

That’s the sound of the Coalition Government and the employment changes to come raining in on this year’s British summer. When the Government originally agreed to make employment law changes twice yearly, it was a lot easier to navigate. Looking at 2013 so far and the year ahead however, it is a far more fragmented picture. New employment law and regulations are coming in at a moment’s notice with draft proposals of documents not being released until close to parliamentary approval.

How then, can a small business owner keep on top of ever changing employment law? Even HR experts The HR Dept can see that the Coalition’s constant barrage of employment law change is a challenge.

The HR Dept comments: “The Government no longer appears to be sticking to the pledge made under the previous Government to only have two implementation dates with new legislation. Now however, we are forever looking towards the spring, summer and autumn changes”.

It is not only the changes in legislation that can be concerning, but also the precedent that is set by court rulings made in the EU as well as here in Britain.

The HR Dept continues: “At The HR Dept we recognise that the Government’s efforts are supposedly an attempt to cut needless red tape for employers but the unintended consequence is that no business owner can be truly confident about current legislation. If employers are not up to speed on these changes, chances are they are breaking the law and can be held accountable for thousands of pounds if taken to an employment tribunal. There are big changes that are due to come into force during the summer, with employees having to pay to bring a claim to an employment tribunal but we are sceptical over the ‘large effect’ this is meant to have”.


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Monday, February 25, 2013

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