Fear and uncertainty over the impact of Brexit, says The HR Dept’s Annual Survey

A quarter of SMEs fear the negative impact on their HR considerations if Britain votes to leave the EU, according to a national survey by The HR Dept.

Almost 800 businesses from around the UK took part in this year’s HR Dept Customer Survey, the results of which are now being collated [see notes to editors].

One of the questions in the survey was how the two possible outcomes of the EU Referendum on June 23rd would impact the HR functions of businesses.

Just over a quarter (25.4%) said Brexit would affect them “for the worse”, while only 5.3% gave a similar response in the event of staying in.

Neither result, according to the respondents, was likely to have much positive effect on their HR practices, with 13.9% saying staying in would change things “for the better” and 9.9% giving the same response in case of voting to leave.

Whereas almost half (45.9%) of respondents think staying in the EU will have no effect on the HR element of their business, only one in five (21.4%) reckon Brexit would have no impact.

The survey also shows that almost half (43.3%) of companies surveyed were uncertain about the effects of leaving the EU, whereas only one in three (34.9%) said that they “don’t know” about how a vote to remain would impact their HR function.

Companies which responded are from a variety of sectors and the full spectrum of size, with over a third having 10 employees or fewer and seven per cent being made up of more than 100 staff.

The HR Dept is based in Bristol and consists of a network of licencees, offering director-level HR advice and support in 80 territories around the UK and Ireland.

Gemma Tumelty, managing director of The HR Dept, said: “There is significant uncertainty amongst our respondents about the implications on employment law of a vote to leave the EU, in contrast to the responses about the prospects of staying in.

“What is important is that, no matter what happens on June 23rd, businesses of all sizes make sure that their HR functions are legal, robust and fit for purpose. Legislation, either from Westminster or from Brussels, is changing all the time and business owners need to be confident that they and their staff are compliant with whatever rules are in place.

“As ever, our survey offers an interesting snapshot on the concerns of small businesses around the UK. Those businesses make up the vast majority of our nation’s workforce and it is important that their voice is listened to.”


Notes to editors:

1. For more information about The HR Dept please visit www.hrdept.co.uk.

2. The annual HR Dept Customer Survey covers a range of issues facing SMEs, including views on the economy, employment prospects for 2016/17 and business confidence. Results are due in early July.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

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